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Alcohol Import Facilitator

EXPORTUS GROUP CORP. Is an importer and distributor of  Beer, Wine and premium food products that offers strategic alliances to Brewers, Wineries and food producers worldwide to facilitate the access to the USA market.

Import, Logistics and Compliance

•    International ocean, ground and air freight coordination.
•    US Customs brokerage.
•    Bonded and climate controlled warehousing.
•    Supply-chain optimization.
•    Product consolidation.
•    Supplier coordination.


Order Filfillment

•    Sales to distributors in all 50 U.S. states.
•    Sales to retailers in FLORIDA and IILINOIS (NEW YORK soon).
•    Purchase order processing.
•    E-commerce order fulfillment.
•    Pick-up and delivery.
•    Inventory and warehouse control.
•    Sales broker management.
•    Sample management.
•    Control state inventory tracking.


Federal Regulatory Compliance

•    Federal import permits.
•    Federal wholesale permits.
•    Label review and editing.
•    Preparation, filing, of Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) applications              with the Alcohol and Tobacco.

•    Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).
•    COLA waivers.
•    TTB formula approvals.
•    TTB lab analysis submissions.
•    Food and Drug Administration filings and inspections.
•    Food and Drug Administration facility registrations.
•    Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) searches.
•    PTO trademark filings.
•    Statement of Use.
•    Method of manufacturing statements.
•    Statements of ingredients.
•    Flavor Ingredient Data Sheet (FIDS).


State Regulatory Compliance

•    State import /wholesale licenses.
•    State brand registrations.
•    Certificates of Authority.
•    Surety bonds.
•    Trucking permits.
•    Monthly State sales report preparation and submission.



Flexible warehousing options give your business the opportunity to clearly define your overhead costs from month to month and operate more efficiently over time.

•    Bonded and climate controlled warehousing 
•    Supply-chain optimization

•    Computerized inventory system.



EXPORTUS GROUP CORP. holds and maintains federal and state licenses to sell wine, beer and spirits to authorized distributors at the country level. The company manages all regulatory compliance aspects, logistics and accounting.



EXPORTUS GROUP CORP. manages all aspects of the accounting to ensure accuracy and transparency.
•    Federal and State excise tax calculation and payment.
•    Distributor and retailer invoicing.
•    Accounts management.
•    Purchase orders and sales.
•    Accounts receivable and payable.
•    Cash receipts.
•    Inventory.
•    Expenses.
•    Invoices.

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